Property Renovation Services in San Mateo County

Consult David Lagerloef at Lagerloef Construction & Remodeling. We will cover every phase of the construction process while keeping an eye on the budget. We do it all and keep our trusted subcontractors accountable throughout the building process.

Lagerloef Construction & Remodeling

Pre-construction Responsibilities

  • Constant Monitoring and Interaction
  • Ensuring Quality & Value
  • Punctual & Responsive
  • Working Closely With the Designers

Construction Projects

  • Working With Trusted Subcontractors
  • Monitoring Everything from Layout to Construction
  • Quality Control
  • Staying Focused on the Client
Lagerloef Construction & Remodeling
Lagerloef Construction & Remodeling

Post-construction Services

  • Site Cleanup
  • Final Inspection
  • A Final Walkthrough to Ensure your Complete Satisfaction